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About BEST

Batteries and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) magazine is the number one resource for members of the battery industry craving insight into what makes the sector tick.

For more than 20 years the industry has turned to BEST magazine for independent insight into the sector.

From C-level executives to first-year researchers, BEST keeps the energy storage industry informed with in-depth news, features and technical insights into electrochemical technologies from lead-acid and lithium-ion to novel designs fresh from the laboratory bench.

Whether you are a cell manufacturer, supply the equipment to make them or put on the conferences that bring the industry together, our digital, print and social media coverage is a must-read for anyone wanting to stay up-to-date with developments in the stationary and automotive markets, as well as the place to promote your products and services.

Chinese BEST

Launched in 2010, its sister publication Chinese BEST makes all that editorial excellence available in Mandarin to the Chinese battery industry.

Industry newsletter

We bring the latest battery news to your inbox each Monday with our BEST Battery Briefing (BBB) e-newsletter. Don’t get left behind, and sign up for FREE.

Last year also saw the launch of our Recycling supplement, bringing you all the top-notch content BEST is renowned for because delivering batteries to end users is only a tiny step in the circular economy.

If you are as passionate as BEST about extending your understanding of the industry there’s also a library of knowledge in our online archive of articles going back to 2003.