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Entek to double capacity of Indonesian lead-acid battery separator plant

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 14:51 -- paul Crompton
Entek to double capacity of Indonesian separator plant

Battery separators firm Entek International has announced plans to double capacity in its Indonesian plant in 2021 to more than 90 million square metres.

The supplier of lead and lithium-ion battery separators to the American and European markets is set to break ground on the new building later this month, which once built will have the capability to house multiple lines.

The facility is a joint venture with the Japan-based NSG, a supplier of AGM and PE seperator material to the battery industry, a partnership that began in 2017. 

Clint Beutelschies, VP of global sales for Entek, said the first line to be built would double the facility's current capacity.

He said: "This 'beast' of a line will be the most advanced of its kind and leverages all of the advancements Entek has made in battery technology.

"The new line uses proprietary technology, and will be built by Entek's machinery business unit headquartered in the US." 

Masayuki Otsubo, NSG's general sales manager, said the expansion afforded the two companies an opportunity to build on the solid partnership.

"Our corporate cultures and approach to business are identically aligned," said Otsubo.

The expansion will provide Entek the ability to support dramatic growth across the region to satisfy customer demands for high performance, puncture resistant, low ER separators.

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