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20th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2021

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 23 June, 2021 to Friday, 25 June, 2021

This year is set to be a critical for the automotive recycling business for three main reasons.

First, the complete recast of the EU End-of-Life Vehicles Directive which might have a serious impact on car & parts manufacturers and on the whole car dismantling & recycling industry, and its possible extension to other mobility sectors such as motorbikes, trucks & buses.

Second, the EU plans to ban the export of certain recycled materials as part of the EU Green Deal and Circular Economy Package. This might also have a huge impact on the global sustainable recycling industry.

Third, the accelerating uptake of electro-mobility will have an impact on the recycling trade as pressure builds for necessary investments in new dismantling & shredding techniques and for education of the increasing numbers of actors handling these new technologies.


  •    Keynote speeches: Swiss EPA, EU Commission, car manufacturers, metal recyclers and recycling companies.
  •    New legislative requirements having an impact on several industries: automotive, collection organizations, transporters, dismantlers, recyclers.
  •    New automotive technologies and impact on recycling: electric & electronic components.
  •    Vehicle evolution in the market with electrification.
  •    Focus on materials: plastics, secondary raw materials, hazardous materials.
  •    Dismantling & shredding: how to deal with the future, innovative solutions for recycling processes, equipment, sorting techniques, dismantling automation.
  •    The increasing role of safety and education.
  •    Country reports.

Expert debate on the impact on the global recycling industry of the waste export ban from the EU, as part of the Green Deal & Circular Economy Package