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IFBF Symposium

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 7 July, 2021 to Friday, 9 July, 2021

This Symposium will be a meeting place for everyone interested in flow batteries to come together, to learn from each other and discuss trends, applications, and benefits of flow batteries.

All are invited— users, investors, and customers of flow batteries— to join for the live event, which is taking place online, but with as much opportunity for interaction and networking as can fit in.

The symposium will be run with two partners: Flow Batteries Europe and FLORES, and (The Network of Flow Battery Research Initiatives).

The session with Flow Batteries Europe will showcase flow battery projects across a range of applications and discuss how flow batteries can meet the challenges of todays and tomorrow’s power systems.

Find out how the flow battery industry is responding to the needs for large scale, low-cost energy storage, and join in the discussions on what makes a successful business case for a flow battery energy storage system.

If flow batteries are to be a successful part of the overall energy storage picture, the industry needs to reach some quite specific targets; a panel of speakers will address financial, technical, strategic, environmental and sustainability targets. 

Continuing with that theme as the event move into the session with FLORES. The partners in FLORES want to bridge the gap between the needs of their industrial partners in flow battery industry and the research and development community. 

Confirmed speakers for the IFBF Symposium to date include:

  • Marcus Brunner, Cellcube
  • Wiebrand Kout, Elestor
  • Egle Kareckaite, Flow Batteries Europe
  • Peter Fischer, Fraunhofer ICT
  • Jens Noack, Fraunhofer ICT
  • Ed Porter, Invinity
  • Guilluame Chazalet, Kemiwatt
  • Alex Guthrie, Largo Resources
  • Nick Blume, TU Claustal
  • Edward (Ted) Roberts, University of Calgary
  • Søren Bødker, VisBlue
  • Kees van de Kert, Volterion
  • Mianyan Huang, VRB Energy

Future events:

Our next IFBF will include technical and discussion sessions, as this format encourages discussion and networking between all parts of the flow battery community. We will issue a call for papers for the technical session so we can select papers and presentations for a comprehensive programme. We hope that this will be a real face to face event.

Flow Batteries Europe

Fifteen companies have become founder members of Flow Batteries Europe, a trade association for the flow battery industry. The title of this association reflects its initial activities, to inform European policy makers of the importance of the flow battery industry. Membership of the Association is open to all companies and institutions with an interest in flow batteries and given that the market for flow batteries is global, membership is of course open to any company based anywhere in the world. If you would like further information, please contacte.kareckaite@clerens.eu.