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ABC promotes COO to president to drive growth in its bipolar lead battery

Mon, 11/15/2021 - 13:48 -- Paul Crompton

Bipolar lead battery developer Advanced Battery Concepts has promoted its chief operating officer (COO) Michael Everett to president of the US firm.

Everett will lead industrialisation of the company’s processes and develop equipment required for OEMs to manufacture batteries using its patented GreenSeal technology at scale volumes.

The equipment will be for the continuous production of electrode assemblies including execution of novel and efficient transfer pasting methods.

Further development efforts include the architectural definition and the development of formation processes and equipment necessary to produce bipolar batteries. 

Everett said: "By industrialising and commercialising GreenSeal manufacturing equipment, the company has reached yet another significant milestone on its mission to make better batteries available to global energy storage markets.

"GreenSeal batteries unlock much higher value for the lead battery industry than historically achievable, as measured by the higher performance, longer lifetime and more efficient use of raw materials and resources in manufacturing, and there is more to come.”

Dr. Edward Shaffer, CEO and founder of ABC, said: "Michael has been a great addition and contributor to our team and its growth over the past two years. His ability to lead our industrialisation program and focus on process improvements has been a key to his promotion to president.” 

Everett, who joined ABC in 2019 as COO, has previously worked as CTO at ultracapacitor firm Maxwell Technologies and more recently senior vice president engineering at deep cycle lead battery firm Trojan Battery.

Residential storage system

ABC launched a residential storage system using lead batteries to address the growing need for emergency power in the US during September.

The system, called Home Emergency Energy Storage (HEES), relies on the firm’s patented GreenSeal bipolar batteries.

The HEES system can be situated in about eight-square feet of interior space preferably located near the main circuit box. 

The system can provide up to 6kW and draws upon a storage reserve of 18kWh to power critical loads. Run times can be up to two full days.

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