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Aloha to fuel cells

Fri, 03/07/2014 - 11:13 -- Ruth Williams
The Port of Honolulu, Hawaii, is seeking to lower its C02 emissions

Hydrogenics Corporation has supplied a fuel cell unit to provide power to docked ships in the US Port of Honolulu.

The system will comprise four 30kW fuel cells, a hydrogen storage system and conversion equipment in a six-metre footprint. This is a pilot project starting in early 2015 to compare the fuel savings and emission levels to a diesel generator. The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute will procure the hydrogen.

Ports are a major source of both water and air pollution in the US but have not come under regulation scrutiny until recent years. The trial could be replicated at other US ports looking to adopt ‘greener’ sources of power.

Sandia National Laboratories, a partner in the pilot project, last year ran a viability comparison to measure the efficiency of diesel engines versus fuel cells. The study examined energy efficiencies at various power levels and compared the savings and reductions in emissions of using fuel cell-power over diesel-power for the port.