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Asahi Kasei wins lithium-ion separator patent lawsuit against Chinese firms

Fri, 02/12/2021 - 09:34 -- Paul Crompton

China’s supreme court has upheld a patent infringement claim by Japanese chemical’s firm Asahi Kasei regarding a separator for lithium-ion batteries following a two-year lawsuit.

The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China has fully accepted Asahi Kasei’s claim of patent infringement against China technology firm Shenzhen Xu Ran Electronic.

Asahi Kasei filed a patent infringement lawsuit with Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court against Chinese firms Shenzhen Xu Ran Electronic and Shenzhen Xu Ran Electronic in August 2018.

Both firms were selling separators for lithium-ion secondary batteries in Shenzhen, China, based on Asahi Kasei's Chinese patent (Patent No. ZL200680046997.8).

The lawsuit sought an injunction stoppingXu Ran Electronic and others from selling its single-layer W-scope battery separators in China and looked for compensation totallingone million yuan($155,000).

Last April, the Intermediate People's Court upheldAsahi Kasei's claim of patent infringement. In response, Xu Ran Electronic and others filed an appeal with the Supreme People's Court.

In December, the Supreme Court ordered Shenzhen Xu Ran Electronic and others to stop selling the above products and to pay compensation for damages— although the total is unknown. 

In a statement, Asahi Kasei said it would continue to pay close attention to the issues concerning its intellectual property rights and would take, if necessary, proactive measures to protect them.

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