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Bigger and better redox flow to enter the large-scale ESS market

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 15:36 -- Paul Crompton
Bigger and better redox flow to enter the large-scale ESS market

A Japanese company is set to launch a redox flow battery onto the large-scale energy storage market that it claims will boast higher capacity at a cheaper rate than its previous products.

Sumitomo Electric Industries plans to release the scalable 500kW/h per unit ESS this autumn.

Situated in a conventional cargo container, the all-in-one design incorporates the battery’s liquid tanks, pump and all the necessary devices.

The market for large storage batteries has been growing around the world, driven by the increase of renewable energy generation, which needs a stabilising buffer between it and the grid.

In Japan, a feed-in-tariff programme introduced in 2012 to promote the use of renewable energy has boosted demand for large storage batteries.

Large storage batteries are a main product in Sumitomo Electric's energy- and environment-related businesses.

Back in 2012, Sumitomo completed a 1MW redox flow battery electric power generation/storage system on the premises of its Yokohama Works.

The system was developed in cooperation with Nissin Electric Co,  Sumitomo Densetsu Co and Meidensha Corporation in the respective technical fields.

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