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CAM explains how to cut CO2 emissions for lead oxide production within city limits:

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 13:40 -- paul Crompton

As questions about how to tackle the global issue of industrial emissions of CO2 are asked, Italian battery technology innovator CAM has an answer.

Ahead of 17 ELBC on Tuesday, 22 September, the company explains how its Low Emission Lead Oxide Production System, helped an European city-based lead battery maker lower emissions.

CAM explains: “One of the most important topics of our time is preserving the environment, this is particularly pertinent in Europe, where we, as equipment suppliers, often encounter production plants in the city, that were built more than 100 years ago. When managers of this type of facility need to invest in rehauling their equipment to comply with the ever more stringent environmental regulations, they can find the perfect solution at CAM.

“In early 2019, we received a request for a lead oxide production system from BAE Batterien, a well-established manufacturer of industrial lead batteries in Berlin. Being a factory within city limits, the issues to solve were varied and complex, such as reducing CO2 emissions and dealing with low ceilings. 

“For this project, we proposed our Low Emission Lead Oxide Production System, which has almost zero emissions, because one of the features of CAM mills is the linear burner under the drum, a system that produces the only source of exhaust for two hours during start-up. This prevents black oxide and guarantees flexibility for start and stop production. 

“The main advantage is that the cylinder casting system is gone: no melting pot, no waste management, no exhaust from the melting process. The system includes two small conveyors and our Lead Shaver, a low-maintenance machine that cuts out pieces of lead from the ingots, creating a product very similar to cylinders, but not mechanically stressed as in the case of stamped cubes. 

“This machine was patented in 2005. We were the first to conceive this no melting, no casting production idea, and today we are here to tell this story of how to produce quality oxide without melting lead.

“We also proposed the MOP 14, the heart of our lead oxide production system, the smallest version of our bench mark MOP 30, plus the classic oxide conveyors and storage systems. Our system is totally automatic with an op panel, a supervision PC, and a SCADA to control the entire process with access to the production history. 

“BAE accepted our proposal. The equipment was delivered as agreed, with installation and commissioning completed post COVID-19 lockdown, with the full collaboration of BAE, who helped us to guarantee personnel safety. This dream of producing quality oxide with low CO2 emissions in the middle of the city became a reality. 

“All of our equipment is energy conscious, including our first of their kind curing chambers. In 2012 we published a study with Exide Germany in BEST Magazine, where we reduced gas consumption by about 40%. For those who will continue producing cylinders for ball mills, we offer an energy recovery system for lead melt pots, which reduces gas costs by about 27%. 

“At CAM, we are committed to close collaboration with our clients, to find the best solutions for their production needs. This is our style, where customer satisfaction for the long term is our top priority.”