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China carbon begins research program for applied graphene in next generation batteries

Thu, 01/28/2021 - 17:09 -- Paul Crompton

A subsidiary of Carbon Graphite Group has launched a research project focusing on applied graphene in lithium-ion batteries, capacitors and clean energy storage devices.

The research and development team of Royal Elite New Energy Science and Technology aims to establish the next generation of products used in clean energy systems by using knowledge of working with graphene and graphite. 

The research program's goal will be to overcome production quantity and cost challenges in the manufacturing of graphite composite materials, including: graphene foam (lithium-ion electrodes), graphene CNT (lithium-ion and lead batteries), photothermally reduced graphene (lithium-ion anode).

Donghai Yu, CEO of Carbon Graphite, said: "Researchers globally have long since proven the performance excellence that graphene composite materials exhibit throughout the energy industry. We will focus further on products that maximise battery efficiency, capacity, power density, and most importantly, longevity.”