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Eaton provides sponsored UPS support for open source software community

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Eaton has provided power protection for the computing infrastructure of Debian, one of the world’s most popular free operating systems.

The Debian infrastructure is primarily hosted at two sites: Darmstadt, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. At no cost to Debian, Eaton has supplied new UPS and power distribution equipment at both sites.

For the Darmstadt site, the new Eaton equipment comprises two 2 kVA UPSs with hot-swap functionality plus a 3 kVA extended battery module to provide extra runtime. These units are complemented by two Eaton enclosure-based Power Distribution Units (ePDUs) to facilitate power management.

For the Vienna site, Eaton has supplied a single 2 kVA UPS that will be used to power the core of the Debian internal development system.

Eaton has been an active Debian partner for the last five years and the main supporter of the Network UPS Tools (NUT) project since 2002. This project develops the NUT software package, which provides a uniform control and monitoring interface for power devices, such as UPSs, power distribution units and solar controllers from over 100 different manufacturers.

To aid the NUT project, Eaton makes full information on its UPS protocols publicly available and is the only major power device manufacturer to do this. It also lends sample UPS units to developers working on NUT and related projects.