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Eco-Shift and Buffalo Watt join forces to manufacture DR software

Fri, 02/21/2014 - 14:24 -- Ruth Williams
Businesses can earn money from existing buildings by managing power in a different way.

Eco-Shift Power Corporation is partnering with Buffalo Watt to build energy efficiency and management software.

Buffalo Watt, based in New York state, is a software provider who will work with the Canadian energy management technology company to make a virtual power plant platform for industrial and commercial users of energy to make their facilities as energy efficient as possible.

The software has embedded algorithms that manage a building’s power usage and, as agreed with the customer, enters into to a demand response programme with the utility provider. 

The virtual power plant allows users to curtail energy use at the push of a button in response to high grid usage. They will then be paid for responding to the demand.

The platform will feature options such as wireless communication to light fixtures so they can be controlled remotely and turned off to conserve energy in response to a peak in energy demand.