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Ees praises companies during its domestic storage awards

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:08 -- Paul Crompton
Ees praises companies during its domestic storage awards

Tesla may be getting international acclaim for domesic electricity storage, but as far as Intersolar’s judges are concerned the real winners are a good deal smaller with names you may not have heard of: Kostal, Solarwatt and Aquion Energy all took home prizes for their domestic storage solutions.

US-based Aquion Energy impressed the judges with its Aqueous Hybrid Ion batteries with a saltwater electrolyte. The batteries, which have received a cradle to grave certification, are suitable for stationary systems in domestic, off-grid and micro-grid applications.

With an electrolyte based on a sodium sulphate solution, fire risks are considered to be low, and the storage capacity remains the same in spite of  fluctuations in temperature. The jury commented that the company’s technology had “the potential to boost efficiency”.

Earlier this year Aquion landed a deal to install what will be the world’s largest privately owned battery to an estate in Hawaii. Read the story here

Family-owned, German Kostal was also presented with an ees award for its three-phase residential lithium-ion storage system PIKO BA Li.

The system, consisting of a battery pack, inverter and a current sensor, has the ability to determine the household’s energy demand in real time, as well as having a switch box protecting the system from overvoltage. The judging panel said the battery stood out with its “versatility, reliability and modular design”.

Last, but not least German Solarwatt was received an ees award for its residential solar battery. “MyReserve” claimed to be so easy to use it can be installed by one person in only 20 minutes. The battery integrates without interfering with the solar array’s output and communication system, and boasts an overall efficiency of 93%.

The modular system, which can be retrofitted, features DC technology and is compatible with all conventional single – and three-phase inverters. The jury’s verdict read: “The device won us over with its high level of energy efficiency as well as its remarkable safe design and ability to be integrated into existing systems.”

Pic: I have in my hand a huge piece of paper............. Prizes all round for German domestic electric energy storage in Munich:  Aquion representatives receive their award