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Electrovaya deliver Li-ion battery to Canadian mine

Mon, 03/09/2015 - 16:39 -- Paul Crompton
Electrovaya's battery has been designed for use in remote mining operations.

Canadian battery manufacturer Electrovaya has delivered its lithium-ion battery technology at Glencore’s Raglan Mine in Quebec.

The lithium-ion battery technology solutions manufacturer has added the battery component to diesel generators in the $700,000 deal.

The 2.0 battery system technology has been installed at the mine in partnership with Tuqliq Energy Corp. and Hatch Ltd. who are engineering coordinators for the project.

When paired with a diesel generator the 2.0 system allows it to operate at maximum efficiency, reducing diesel consumption and lowering maintenance costs.

The 2.0 lithium-ion battery does not rely on specific components, instead, its innovation is independent of the cathode, anode and separator component selection which gave the product the ‘platform technology’ moniker.

The battery technology has been designed for use in remote mining operations, which have no grid connections and rely upon alternative energy sources.

The company says that its battery technology can store generated energy at an efficiency of greater than 90% to further improve energy efficiencies.