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Elster launches Enacto energy management software platform

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 18:36 -- Editor

Elster has launched Enacto, an energy management software platform which aims to give organisations more control over energy costs.

In a statement, Elster said Enacto provides instant access to real time data for local store managers, or members of staff needing visibility of energy consumption. This allows immediate assessment of store, department or asset efficiency and validate where improvements can be made to save energy and money.

Enacto allows staff to track and benchmark the energy performance of their site against multiple locations in their region. A wide selection of benchmark criteria is available including comparison of similar-sized locations, or comparing performance against previous years.

The energy manager can also compare energy efficiency against multiple normalisation parameters such as the store size or outside temperature. Factoring out the impact of such as unusual weather can enable an accurate view of energy efficiency savings.

Elster EnergyICT’s Actionable Energy Intelligence solution features a near real-time dashboard that consolidates information from building management and asset control systems.

Providing valuable insights into energy usage, allowing the user to quickly determine the reason for a change in their energy consumption from refrigeration to lighting control, Enacto can immediately translate this information into how much it has cost the business.