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Emerson unveils PUE calculator iPad app for Liebert cooling system

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

Emerson Network Power has released a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) calculator iPad app for its Liebert PCW cooling unit.

The free app allows data centre managers to keep a diary of their data centre’s PUE enabling more accurate decision-making about how and where energy savings can be made. Two different calculators are included in the app; the PUE calculator allows anyone to calculate the PUE of their data centre, while the basic running cost calculator highlights exactly how much money can be saved by installing more efficient equipment, such as the Liebert PCW.

Cooling systems typically account for 30-40% of energy consumption within a data centre*, so addressing their efficiency is a top priority for data centre managers. The app also includes an X-ray view into the Liebert PCW, giving users the opportunity to study the technical features of the solution and see how its technology can deliver energy savings for their data centre.

Emerson has also announced an extension of the range’s capabilities, with a cooling capacity of up to 240 kW, as well as a new version of the Liebert PCW featuring a CW dual circuit, which offers cooling redundancy to customers who cannot install two units, without compromising efficiency.

*Source Energy Logic 2.0 – 38% based on d/ctr of ~470sq.m