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Tesla co-founder reveals plans to produce 500GWh of lithium-ion battery materials from US recycled batteries.

Recycling start-up Redwood Materials has announced plans to produce anode copper foil and cathode active materials in the US for its battery cell-manufacturing partners. 


NEC sells its energy-related subsidiary to LG Energy Solutions

NEC Corporation has confirmed the transfer of all shares of its consolidated energy-related subsidiary NEC Energy Solutions to LG Energy Solution.


Discovery sweetens the opportunity for lithium-sulfur commercialisation

Scientists at an Australian university have stabilised lithium-sulfur batteries by using sugar on its positive electrode.


VRFB electrolyte maker to up production with $2 million investment

US Vanadium is set to expand its production capacity for ultra-high-purity electrolyte for grid-level vanadium flow batteries (VRFB) following a $2.1 million investment.


Li-Cycle ups US lithium-ion battery recycling capacity to meet growing demand

Canadian firm Li-Cycle has confirmed it will build a fourth commercial lithium-ion battery recycling facility in North America.


Birla Carbon enters the storage market with carbon black for lithium-ion and lead batteries

Carbon black manufacturer Birla Carbon has announced its entry into the energy storage systems market with a portfolio of conductive carbons for the lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.


Gelion partners with lead battery makers to build zinc-bromine ESSs for Australian market

Renewable-energy storage firm Gelion Technologies and lead-acid battery maker Battery Energy Power Solutions will partner to manufacture and commercialise non-flow zinc-bromide systems in Australia.


Argonne and the NEMA to partner on lithium-ion battery recycling standards

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop end-of-life standards for recycling lithium-ion electric vehicle packs based on the cell’s design has been signed by two US organisations.


SK Innovations to invest $1B in new China plant to meet forecast demand of lithium-ion batteries

South Korea's SK Innovation is set to invest 1.2 trillion won ($1 billion) in a new battery factory in China as it looks to ramp up lithium-ion battery production to 200GWh in the next four years.


Environmentally friendly manufacture of battery electrodes

Researchers from Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS have developed a new method of dry coating electrodes in a variety of batteries from lithium to sodium.