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Exide launches App to simplify testing and replacement of its lead batteries

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 12:35 -- Paul Crompton

Exide Technologies in Europe has launched a free battery-testing app to make it easier for workshops to test and replace 12V lead-acid batteries.

The app works on any device with a web browser and is designed to work alongside the Exide EBT965P battery tester, which can test standard, GEL, AGM and EFB 12V batteries.

The next-generation device will allow mechanics to analyse battery test results and give customers battery replacement options within five minutes via SMS or email.

Workshops are alerted as soon as a customer authorises the replacement. Workshops can then present multiple battery options based on the fitment list coming from Exide. 

The system performs advanced analysis on the battery through Conductance Profiling™ technology covering cranking health, voltage, temperature, reserve health capacity and recommendations for further battery treatment such as recharge.

Each test produces a QR code, which the app can scan to import the test results. These test results can also be entered manually.

The app works in most European countries, is available in 13 languages and supports multiple currencies.

Workshops can register for free at ebtp.exide.com. 

This week Exide in Europe launched its grid-focused GNB Marathon FTX range of advanced AGM batteries for telecom and electric utility applications.

The battery uses a MICROCAT® Catalyst to reduce float current and minimise water loss by recombining the hydrogen and oxygen chemically back into water, further increasing the battery lifespan. The firm says this enables a service life of five years at 40°C to reduce the overall cost of ownership— a key consideration when pitting lead-acid against lithium-ion batteries in the above applications.