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FG Wilson launches redesigned range

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 17:02 -- Ruth Williams

Northern Irish genset manufacturer FG Wilson has unveiled a redesigned range of diesel gensets rated between 455 and 750kVA. 

The revamped range features an innovative fuel tank design that incorporates a reinforced sloped top plate for liquid run off, acting as a catchment area for potential liquid spills and leaks, and a sloped bottom plate and notched drain plug allows for controlled drainage of the fuel tank. 

Also new is what FG Wilson is calling a ‘common sense mounting arrangement’ for the entire range, which it says provides all customer fuel connection and drainage points on the right hand side as standard. Aimed at the Middle East market, FG Wilson has also launched a redesigned enclosed genset range, the key features of which mostly focus on sealing the engine off from harsh environments.

For example, all roof joints are now reinforced with lap joints utilising butyl rubber seals, providing protection against water ingress in extreme conditions, while the radiator is accessed via a flush mounted rain cap with compression seal, which also guards against water ingress.