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High temperature energy dense Capacitor

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Scientists at the UK's National Physical Laboratory have developed a capacitor that works at high temperatures, for use in EVs.

The Technology Strategy Board funded project has created a capacitor, called a HITECA, which operates at over 200oC with an energy density of 25 J/cc at 1200 kV/cm.

This will allow greater driving range from electric vehicles.

Following materials testing the scientists settled upon a ceramic compound, based on doped-BiFeO3.

The lead scientist on the project, Tatiana Correia, believes the capacitor will overcome some of the technical issues holding back EVs. She said: “With this high temperature capacitor we believe we have solved an important one of those issues and will play a vital part in the move towards mass market electric vehicles.”

The capacitor has potential for far reaching applications beyond the EV market including the growing area of energy conversion in photovoltaics and integrated circuits.