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ICBR Honorary award goes to nickel-cadmium battery recycling pioneer.

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 14:33 -- Paul Crompton

Jacques David, who has participated in every one of event organiser ICM’s 26 battery recycling conferences, has been awarded the International Congress for Battery Recycling’s (ICBR) Honorary Award.

The award was presented in recognition of David’s lifetime contribution to managing recycling facilities, building collection networks and furthering the cause of environmentally sound battery recycling.

Jean-Pol Wiaux, Chairman on the ICBR steering committee, said: “His lifelong commitment put the worldwide battery recycling industry on the path to a profitable and environmentally sound business model.” 

David began his career in the battery recycling business in 1977 and became a pioneer in recovering nickel, cobalt and cadmium from Ni-Cd batteries in order to reintroduce them into their metallurgical cycle. 

Between 1995 and 2005 he became an expert in battery sorting technology and commercialised automatic battery sorting units for portable batteries through his company Eurobatri.

David said: "First of all is a pleasure. Because I am in the business for 45 years and it's always pleasant to be recognised as a man of experience. But I want to say I'm not a technician, I'm not a chemist, I come from a business school. 

"I can be considered as a neutral person, in terms of all the technical aspect of the regulations, because my main business was to travel the world, to contact in Asia, in North America and South America, Europe to contact all the persons involved at the time in the battery business. For me, the award is the result of this contact activity."


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