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Instrument from EA finds defects in live cables

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

EA Technology has launched an instrument that identifies defects in live cables of distribution voltages.CableData Collector

The CableData Collector tests for partial discharge (PD) activity – small discharges, which result in damage to the cable, and if left unattended will lead to insulation failure.

EA Technology Commercial Director Neil Davies said: “Measuring PD activity is a very accurate way of assessing the condition of cables and their likelihood of failure and outage. The ability to test cables without the need to de-energise them is a real benefit. Essentially, they can be fixed before they fail and cause expensive outages.”

By measuring radio frequency currents the CableData Collector can detect any PD activity in most single and three-phase insulated cables, at distribution voltages, up to several kilometers in length.

The equipment incorporates hardware that records information about the PD activity that can either be sent to EA for analysis or users can buy their own software to undertake analysis. This ensures users know the state of their cables that may be affected by PD activity and receive recommendations for remedial action.

The ready-to-use CableData Collector kit includes radio frequency current transformers, cabling, USB-powered data collection unit and a carry case. Additional options include software, training and factory technical support.