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Johnson Controls launches lithium-ion battery failure protection device for stationary systems

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 10:21 -- Vic

Johnson Controls has launched a device that detects, and can prevent, thermal runaway and other failures in lithium-ion batteries in stationary applications.

The US firm’s Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System monitors batteries to mitigate battery failure in applications such as energy storage and UPS systems used in data centers and manufacturing facilities. 

The system features monitoring and reference sensors that continuously check battery racks for the presence of lithium-ion off-gases. If the sensors detect off-gases in a concentration from one part per million (ppm), they automatically communicate with the battery management system to shut down the affected battery stacks to help prevent thermal runaway.

The reference sensors provide surrounding ambient air data to the controller, while the monitoring sensors within the battery racks capture data relating to the air directly adjacent to the batteries. 

In applications where the off-gases cannot be vented externally, an inerting system is employed to help prevent the off-gases from igniting.

The system is compatible with all lithium-ion chemistries. 

The system can be fitted into existing power storage systems. 

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