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Large-scale storage from EnerSys

Wed, 01/16/2013 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

Enersys has belatedly announced a new product range, the OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions, for large-scale energy storage.

Chief Executive Officer of Enersys, John Craig, says the company is moving into this market because estimated growth for large-scale energy storage could reach US$600 billion over the next two decades. He said: “We believe the large scale energy storage market is poised for growth in the near and long term and could reach two to four gigawatts by 2016”

The OptiGrid Energy Storage Solutions offers MW/hour scale energy management system for utilities and large industrial applications. It is scalable with customisable options that can incorporate tubular technology, traditional flat plate valve regulated, traditional flat plate flooded, lithium ion and/or advanced lead-acid designs and alloys.

"Our new OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions answers a critical need in the marketplace and, as such, may provide significant growth opportunities for EnerSys," said Craig.