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Lasers save money for battery makers

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

LAP Laser, a German precision engineering company, has developed a laser-guided system for measuring the thickness of each plate during lead-acid battery production. Called the Battery Plate Check Laser Measuring System, it works to a precision of 10µm.

The non-contact machine measures the thickness of the plate at each stage of production with constant monitoring to ensure uniformity of thickness. This prevents damage to separators, guarantees uniformity of size and eliminates irregularities in capacity.

The constant measuring means the user can make any amendments accordingly during the pasting process based on the information provided by the Battery Plate Check.

The details of the measurements are logged so manufacturers can precisely measure the tolerance level of the lead. This allows manufacturers to produce lead strips as close to its tolerance limit as possible to reduce lead wastage in battery production. The minimal savings gained from such precise measurements, when scaled up for mass production, amount to vast savings.

Info: www.lap-laser.com