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Lead batteries have lost the ESS battle as competition from lithium-ion grows

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 15:29 -- Paul Crompton

Lead batteries no longer have a place in the energy storage system (ESS) market as lithium-ion becomes the number one choice of project developers, industry analysts Wood Mackenzie has said.

Outside of UPS applications, lead-acid has lost ground in the expanding ESS market place that topped 6GWh in 2018, say the analysts.

Xu Le, a senior analyst from Wood Mackenzie’s Singapore office, told BEST: “Lead-acid doesn’t really have a place in the ESS market in 2020, outside of UPS systems. It is not a competing technology anymore."

However, the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) has refuted WoodMac’s suggestion.

The organisation’s director Dr Alistair Davidson told BEST: “Lead battery energy storage systems are excellent in the mid-range power area (1-5MW). These systems are typically used for energy storage systems for industrial and commercial applications for demand response services. 

"This market is set for the most growth. It is strategic penetration and in this application space, lead batteries have the best techno-economics relative to acquisition cost and payback period.”



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