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Mitsubishi UPS offers 96% efficiency

Wed, 02/05/2014 - 13:09 -- Ruth Williams

Mitsubishi Electric has extended its UPS range with a three-phase, online double-conversion system called the 9950A. It is designed for 400V power infrastructures and features Mitsubishi’s insulated gate bipolar transistor technology to enhance performance and reliability of switching operation.

The 500kVA UPS can supply clean, continuous power to connected data centres or other critical equipment with an efficiency of up to 96%.

The 230/400V electrical distribution infrastructure has a benefit over a 120/208V system that it eliminates the need for transformers and extra circuit breakers, this reduces failure points while also occupying a smaller footprint. It still offers the power efficiencies of the power distribution.

The 9950A can be paralleled with up to eight units for N+1 redundancy in backup conditions.