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All the news and views from the world of energy storage and associated industries.

A fishy business: Fuel cells for remote monitoring

2-23Providing power to remote sites for operating automated equipme

Power conditioning: UPS– - only for an outage?

2-26For most people the main reason for having a uninterrupt

Mission: Critical Powering the Olympic Games

2-30London is one of the world’s great cities and power pr

Taking over the reins in tougher times

2-36Critical Power (CP): Where did y

Trailer park thrash?

2-40OK you’ve got the 40 foot trail

The modern engine control environment

2-44aThe nature of gensets and UPS back-up systems a

Realising the potential of alkaline fuel cells

2-48aFuel cells come in all shapes and sizes and differing te

Ultrabattery goes online in frequency regulation

2-52aFinally to market, finally in service and finally delivering frequency regulation services.

Caterpillar unveils C175-20 genset

2-56aCaterpillar has launched the C175-20 generator set, a 4 MW, 20-cylinder beast which it

Riello UPS introduces the PowerBox

2-56bRiello UPS has launched the PowerBox, a containerised critical power solution including genset, flywheel