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Navitas introduces man-transportable off-grid energy system

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 11:28 -- Laura Varriale
Navitas System's Frontierion

US-based Navitas Systems has launched a transportable remote power system with integrated energy storage and power inverter electronics.

According to Navitas Systems, the so-called Frontierion system can be connected to a flexible or rigid solar panel, enabling DC power from the solar panels or the integrated energy storage (lead acid or lithium-ion batteries) to be converted to stable and secure 115/220V AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC power output.

The system is aimed to incorporate multiple layers of protection to include short circuit protection, over-current protection, and externally resettable protection without the need of opening the box.

The Frontierion system is designed to allow users to rapidly deploy and re-deploy mobile power systems that require no fuel for continuous and secure power. The remote power system can come with different sized energy storage modules, ranging from 1.2kWh to 10kWh of total capacity.

“The applications for this new product are numerous, and range from an insurance company's 'Go-Team' responding to a tornado and processing on-site claims while plugged into Frontierion, to a Border agent powering his equipment while the vehicle's engine is off, to a remote construction site needing power for computing and communications,” said Navitas Systems CEO Mil Ovan.

Navitas Systems recently launched a lithium battery family, designed to replace currently used lead-acid batteries in commercial, industrial and military applications.