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New President at Firing Circuits

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

Pierre-Jean Arvers has been appointed President at Firing Circuits in Conneticut, US. Arvers is relatively new to the company, having joined in early 2012 but he is no stranger to the world of battery engineering having worked at SAFT, as part of Alcatel, and Arbin Instruments. He took the position at Digatron Firing Circuits knowing there was a chance of the appointment.

He described what attracted him to the company,“I have always had a great appreciation of renewable energy, energy storage and batteries in general. I wanted to work at the worldwide leader in formation and testing. We are not yet the US leader as my colleagues in Germany and China are, so that is the challenge.

Since joining Firing Circuits, Arvers has hired people at management level in the sales, marketing and service departments. “I have beefed up the sales team with people who have the background necessary to understand customers needs and the foresight to recognise needs change over time.”

Before being appointed President, John Mills came out of retirement to temporarily fill the post. He described Arvers as having a refreshing no nonsense approach to the industry.

“My approach is asking why a customer would buy from us not the competition? We need to have in-house expertise and advice, as well as advice on current and future needs from the system.  Whatever customers need from us in terms of service or advice, we have to offer it.”

And what changes will Arvers be making in the future at Firing Circuits?  “As well as offering improved sales and service, we have been re-kindling relationships in the industry to work with a company that will distribute across North and South America.”