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Nexeon appoints senior battery technology executive as CTO

Mon, 01/18/2021 - 11:39 -- Paul Crompton

Silicon anode maker Nexeon has appointed Dr Liya Wang as its chief technology officer as the company continues to develop advanced materials for next generation lithium-ion batteries.

The UK-based firm hired Dr Wang to support Nexeon expand ‘customer adoption’ of its anode technology. 

A Nexeon spokesman told BEST: “He will perform the usual expected duties of a senior manager and CTO in a rapidly growing technology led organisation like Nexeon. In particular, his highly relevant skill set will be important in providing world-class technical leadership on customer funded JDAs.”

Dr Wang joins Nexeon from XG Sciences in the US where he was VP R&D, leading the development of graphene-based materials for energy storage. 

Prior to that, Dr. Wang was principal scientific director at CIC EnergiGUNE in Spain, where he led the development of advanced batteries and capacitors. 

He was also director of emerging technologies at lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123 Systems, where he led the development and production transition of new generations of lithium iron phosphate cathode and precursor materials.   

His appointment comes after two more senior positions at the company were filled: Dr Christian Spoerk is now its chief operating officer, while Gaetan Borgers was appointed chief commercial officer.