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Oilfield services firm and start-up partner to deploy nickel-hydrogen across the globe

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 15:07 -- paul Crompton

Next generation storage firm Schlumberger New Energy— part of the oilfield services firm Schlumberger— will partner with start-up EnerVenue to deliver nickel-hydrogen stationary energy storage systems (ESS).

The partnership includes a $100 million investment and collaboration agreement to drive commercialisation of EnerVenue’s nickel-hydrogen battery technology across selected global markets.

To date, Schlumberger New Energy has hedged its bets in hydrogen, lithium, energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration, geothermal power and geoenergy technologies.

EnerVenue says its technology operates beween -40 to +60oC ambient temperature with a 30+ year lifespan and 30,000+ full cycles without degradation or usage restrictions.

Enerveue previously raised $12 million in a funding round led by Schlumberger New Energy before the latest Series A funding. 

In April, EnerVenue announced a distribution agreement with Towngas, Hong Kong’s first public utility. 

Towngas has launched an interconnected zero-carbon smart energy platform, with plans to deploy nickel-hydrogen ESSs at its own projects, and distribute Enervenue’s system to its customers, subject to certain terms and conditions.


EnerVenue was founded in 2020, and develops metal-hydrogen batteries under the research leadership of Dr. Yi Cui, professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University and the chief technology advisor to EnerVenue.

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