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Riello UPS introduces the PowerBox

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

2-56bRiello UPS has launched the PowerBox, a containerised critical power solution including genset, flywheel or battery UPS.

Each PowerBox contains the necessary switchgear and distribution panels to deliver uninterruptible power from a combination power solution, including a Riello UPS, flywheel energy storage system, battery packs and suitably rated generator. Riello’s PowerBox aims to provide a robust, resilient power solution with zero downtime installed with components within a standalone 20-foot or 40-foot container.

Robin Koffler, General Manager of Riello UPS, said: “One of the main reasons the PowerBox solution was created was so that you no longer need dedicated space in your data centre facility or plant room for UPS. This allows for more of the building to be used for critical IT infrastructure. This is especially useful on brownfield sites where space may be limited.”

Meanwhile, Riello UPS has broadened the range of its Master HP UPS series to cover the 600 kVA market. 

Aimed at high operational efficiency, Riello’s ‘Smart Active’ function, utilised throughout the range, allows the unit to monitor the condition of the mains power and then select the optimal operating mode to maintain resilience. In the new 600 kVA model, this can increase operational efficiency to 99%, claims the Italian firm.

In a parallel redundant configuration, which is common in data centres and other mission critical applications, the Master HP ‘Energy Saving’ function allows the intelligent management of energy consumption with a gradual activation of the UPS units. 

The Master Plus HP series shares advanced battery management technology with the traditional Master MPS models, to help achieve maximum battery performance and prolonged design life. The unit also features a range of advanced communication and connectivity options for easy remote management.

Koffler said: “Our Master HP range is already used by hundreds of companies and organisations to power the world’s largest data centres and installations. The new 600kVA model was designed to meet the needs of clients who not only want secure and reliable power, but who are also sensitive to the overall running costs and efficiency of their facilities.

 “Riello UPS has invested heavily in developing and introducing products with high efficiency ratings, as well as ensuring the eco credentials of our power protection systems. The development of the Master HP 600kVA is the perfect demonstration of this.”