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Saft and Schneider Electric partnership to develop industrial EESS

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Saft and Schneider Electric have announced a partnership to develop and supply an electrical energy storage system (EESS) for industrial and commercial energy users. The first system will be installed this summer for French energy company Syndicat Départemental d'Energies du Morbihan. It will be the country’s first smart grid-ready energy storage and management system.Saft and Schneider system

The EESS will feature an advanced lithium-ion battery, provided by Saft, that can support thousands of cycles of charging and discharging for long life and high efficiency. The system will be fully scalable comprising of blocks of 100kW batteries with 50kWh of storage capacity.

The batteries will be integrated with Schneider Electric’s power conversion system. This will analyse the onsite energy generation assets, storage system capacity, and building load trends, while managing demand-response requests from the smart grid.

“Schneider Electric’s competence in smart building technology, energy management, and energy conversion systems combines perfectly with Saft’s experience in delivering complete, kilowatt-to-megawatt sized energy storage systems”, said Michael Lippert, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Saft. “Our combined solutions will enable smooth integration of renewable energies with electricity grids.”

The system will maximise consumption from local renewably produced energy sources, enhance grid stability and maintain power availability during power outages.