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Skeleton Technology get ultracapacitors off the ground

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

An Estonian company is close to bringing ultracapacitors to market, having secured €2.2 million in investment funding. Skeleton Technologies will use this money to develop the supply-line, global sales and deliveries. An Estonian private equity investor called UP Invest has provided funding to the company.

UP Invest was looking to invest in an energy storage company and was impressed by Skeleton’s proprietary technology. The company claims its ultracapacitors have two times higher energy density and four-times greater power density than its competitors. SkelCap ultracapacitors have 80kW/L power density and an energy density of 14Wh/L, which is the biggest increase in ultracapacitor performance in two decades.

Skeleton Technologies uses a patented material called Skeleton C, produced from a metalloid carbide, to achieve higher densities in both power and energy. The company is developing ultracapacitors in the range 200 – 800 Farads.

The company’s CEO Taavi Madiberk spoke of his company’s potential: "Combining superior energy and power density in a robust design has attracted several high-profile customers. Skeleton´s customer list already includes the European Space Agency and several US and European Tier 1 automotives."

Skeleton has a manufacturing site in Dresden, Germany and an R&D centre in Tartu, Estonia.