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Testing and Analysis combined from Maccor and AMETEK

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 16:20 -- Ruth Williams
Mark Hulse, VP of sales and marketing at Maccor

Maccor, manufacturer of battery test equipment, has entered into an agreement to combine its automated test systems with AMETEK Scientific Instruments’ frequency response analysers and other electrochemical analysis systems, multiplexing and interconnect cables, and integrated impedance analysis software.

Maccor claims that combining the systems will provide more accurate reliable data, with reproducible test results. Also, by automatically switching between testing and impedance systems, it will reduce the time equipment is idle while test operators switch between instruments. This should amount to greater productivity.

Mark Hulse, VP of sales and marketing at Maccor (pictured), said the alliance was in response to a customer demand:  “There is a growing need among our end users in obtaining specific electrochemical instrument results, such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy or frequency response analysis, at various points during the testing of their energy storage devices.”

He said integrating the systems makes obtaining those results quicker and easier.

Scientific Instruments is a business unit of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology, which comprises the Princeton Applied Research and Solarton Analytical Signal Recovery business.

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