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United Nations agrees to safe lithium-ion battery transport regulations

Thu, 12/17/2020 - 11:37 -- Paul Crompton

A number of recommendations filed by US-based The Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA) and its European counterpart RECHARGE to ensure the safe transport of lithium-ion batteries have been agreed. 

The United Nations (UN) Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods agreed to adopt several proposals to amend the international dangerous goods regulations affecting the labelling, packaging and transport of lithium batteries.

The amendments provide financial and regulatory relief for PRBA and RECHARGE members without compromising the safe transport of lithium batteries.

The proposals, which go into effect on January 1, 2023, include:

  • Elimination of the phone number required on the lithium battery mark, which will save members thousands of dollars without compromising safety.
  • Relief from stringent UN packaging requirements for large lithium batteries, which will help members shipping from China where packaging requirements are misinterpreted by port authorities and transport agencies.
  • Amend packaging requirements applicable to large, damaged or defective lithium batteries to authorise more than one battery per package.
  • Amend lithium battery test summary that will simplify compliance with the new requirement that went into effect January 1, 2020.  This proposal had substantial industry support and was co-authored by seven trade associations.