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Svolt closes $1.5B funding round two months after cobalt-free lithium-ion battery announcement

China cobalt-free lithium-ion battery firm Svolt Energy Technology has closed a B-financing round of 10.28 billion Yuan ($1.5 billion) as it moves to its goal of 200GWh production capacity by 2025.


Hybrid lithium-VRFB system developed for power management applications

Vanadium product recycler AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group has built its first lithium-vanadium hybrid battery for industrial power management applications. 


Lead batteries not doomed but industry must work hard to secure its future

The future of lead batteries' fate is in the hands of the industry amid the looming threat of lithium-ion, delegates at the seventh International Secondary Lead Conference were told last week.


Sunlight investment to expand lead and lithium-ion battery production in Europe and US

Sunlight lead-acid lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant

Battery maker Sunlight will invest an additional €50 million ($59 million) into its US and European plants to increase lead-acid and lithium-ion battery manufacturing.


Faults found in lithium-ion battery packs but no remedy identified in billion dollar EV recall

A torn anode tab and a folded separator on cells used in Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle battery module were to blame for the billion dollar recall of more than 140,000 vehicles amid fire concerns.


Entek completes NSG deal to open door to offer PE, AGM and lithium-in battery separators

Battery separator company Entek International completed the acquisition of a Japanese lead-acid battery separator firm.


UL and National Fire Service College partner in Indian lithium-ion fire safety project

A partnership to advance lithium-ion fire safety and standardisation in India begins this month with a training and knowledge-sharing virtual seminar on electric vehicles and energy storage systems.


Sakuú announces pilot facility as it scales up solid-state lithium-ion battery ambition

Construction of a US solid-state lithium-ion battery pilot line and learning center is being built by additive manufacturing company Sakuu Corporation.


ORNL’s robot tears down lithium-ion battery pack 8x quicker than by hand

ORNL’s robot lithium-ion battery pack

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a robotic disassembly system for used lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles.