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UK government grants permission to build the world’s largest lithium-ion battery ESS

Energy Firm InterGen has been granted planning consent to build the UK’s largest battery storage project—a 320MW/640MWh system with the potential to expand to 1.3GWh.


Nano One posts positive results on its cobalt-free lithium-ion battery

Test results for Canadian cathode powder maker Nano One have shown its high-voltage cobalt-free lithium-ion battery is stable at the elevated operating temperatures required for automotive, power tool and energy storage applications.


German JV starts production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial truck market

KION Battery Systems (KBS), the joint venture between industrial truck maker KION Group and battery manufacturer BMZ Holding, has started production of lithium-ion batteries in Germany. 


UAE firm opens its first US lead-acid battery plant to serve motive power market.

United Arab Emirates lead-acid battery maker Eternity Technologies has opened its first plant in the US to make batteries for the forklift market.


Lead battery maker Exide Industries increases stake in Leclanché JV

India’s biggest lead-acid battery maker Exide Industries has increased its stake in Nexcharge— the lithium-ion joint venture (JV) it formed with Leclanché in 2018.


Europe to meet its goal of an independent lithium-ion battery supply by 2025

The European Union could produce enough batteries by 2025 to power its electric vehicle market without relying on imported cells, especially from China which hosts around 80% of the world’s lithium-ion cell production.


Mining firm buys rights to patented vanadium recovery process

Mining firm VanadiumCorp Resource has become the sole owner of a vanadium recovery process following a patent purchase agreement (PPA) with fellow Canada based Electrochem Technologies and Materials. 


Ambri inks deal to deploy its liquid metal battery at a US ESS project

Liquid metal battery firm Ambri is set to deploy its energy storage technology in a US data centre following an agreement with TerraScale.


New code of practice for handling lithium-ion batteries lays foundation for electric vehicles in the UK

The first standard in a far-reaching code of practice has been published by the UK’s British Standards Institute (BSI) to ensure the safe and environmentally-friendly manufacture, use and disposal of lithium-ion batteries.


Commercial and research organisations to create a closed-loop EV battery scheme in the UK

A consortium of vehicle OEMs, research institutes and organisations is aiming to develop the UK’s first commercial-scale recycling supply chain for automotive lithium-ion battery packs.