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All the news and views from the world of energy storage and associated industries.

Electro-extraction firm Nth Cycle secures funding to help execute its recycling roadmap

Battery recycling firm Nth Cycle has secured $3.2 million in funding to push its electro-extraction technology.

Design could enable longer lasting, more powerful lithium batteries

Researchers based at the US university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered a way to increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries using a liquid solvent and salt electrolyte. 


Ameresco launches phase two of US DoD funded flow battery investigation

Cleantech integrator Ameresco has begun phase-two of a multi-stage investigation with the Department of Defense (DoD) into how vanadium flow battery technology can support microgrids. 

“Massless” lithium-ion energy storage breakthrough could be key in mass EV adoption

Researchers from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology have produced a structural lithium-ion battery that performs ten times better than previous versions. 


Commercial battery material factory to boost US lithium-ion supply chain

Battery materials firm Group14 Technologies commissioned its first commercial-scale US manufacturing factory on 13 April in a bid to meet demand for lithium-silicon anode materials.


New York State’s first long duration zinc-air ESS to harness renewables

Canadian headquartered Zinc8 Energy Solutions will move ahead with the planned deployment of its zinc-air energy storage system in the US. 

Nexamp appoints new VP of energy storage as it signals future business goals

Solar power and energy storage firm Nexamp has appointed Mark Frigo as vice president of energy storage as it looks to accelerate growth of its portfolio.


Major milestone met in producing 3D-printed solid-state batteries at $65/kWh

Swiss Holding Company Blackstone Resources has passed a series of important milestones for its proprietary 3D-printing technology for producing solid-state batteries.

ABMC joins US Critical Materials Institute to help navigate challenges of US recycling industry

Battery recycler American Battery Metals Corporation (ABMC) has been invited to join the advisory board of the Critical Materials Institute (CMI) as a representative of the lithium-ion battery recycling community.

Graphene coating firm secures funding to scale-up battery cathode technology

Battery materials firm Volexion has secured $1.1 million in funding as it moves toward commercialisation of its graphene coating for lithium-ion cathode