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Innolith secures tax break to deploy 12MW of storage in US

Inorganic battery technology firm Innolith plan to build two grid-scale energy storage systems in Maryland, US, to compliment its lithium-ion Gridbank system from the now defunct Alevo. 


LG Chem secures $5bn loan to build lithium-ion manufacturing plants as it announces US gigafactory plans with GM

Korean battery maker LG Chem has secured around $5 billion in loans to build lithium-ion manufacturing plants outside of the country between 2020 and 2024.


Firms reach LFP milestone by securing raw lithium-ion cathode materials supply

Battery materials firm Nano One has secured a raw material supply in its bid to develop a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode production chain with China’s Pulead Technology Industry.


Lead battery stalwart receives lifetime achievement award

Mark Stevenson said he was ‘very proud and humbled’ after wining the Lifetime Achievement award at the International Lead Zinc Development Conference in Mumbai, India.


European Commission approves €3 billion fund to support battery industry

The European Commission has approved a €3.2 billion ($3.5 billion) fund to promote the research and development of a battery ‘ecosystem’ in Europe.


Digatron completes fourth C-level appointment as it looks to target Asia's battery market

Battery test and formation firm Digatron Power Electronics has announced the latest in a string of managerial changes as it pushes into the global lithium-ion and lead-acid markets.


Will Europe be a leader or a follower? Dissatisfaction with lithium-ion raises its voice

Dissatisfaction with lithium-ion battery technology is gaining traction among the industry, with the issues of safety, energy density and cost cited as significant factors.


Greek battery firm launches US subsidiary to target industrial lead-acid and lithium-ion EV market

Greek battery firm Systems Sunlight has established a US subsidiary as it prepares to build a lead-acid and lithium-ion manufacturing plant in North Carolina.


Encouraging tests as EEStor plans to usurp lead-acid with bipolar supercapacitors

Bipolar technology firm EEStor Corp. and FWG have revealed independent test results demonstrating the energy density of its doped-carbon supercapacitors is on average of 53.31Wh/kg.


CBI takes inspiration from lithium-ion to study cycling reactions in lead batteries

The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) is investigating ways to understand the charge/discharge reactions that occur in lead batteries with its members Exide Technologies and ICMA (the Aragon Materials Science Institute).