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Monbat signs bipolar tech licensing deal with ABC

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 00:00 -- John Shepherd
Ed Shaffer

Bulgarian lead-acid battery manufacturer Monbat has signed a licensing rights agreement with US bipolar battery tech company Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC).

Monbat has acquired rights to the “full suite” of GreenSeal bipolar led battery technologies, ABC said.

CEO and chairman of Monbat Atanas Bobokov said his company had “seen the competitive advantages GreenSeal offers lead battery manufacturers… and envisaged many potential applications” for the technology.

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ABC captures US military battery R&D contract

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 11:00 -- John Shepherd
ABC captures US military battery R&D contract

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) has secured a contract that paves the way for it to supply batteries based on its bipolar 'GreenSeal' lead-acid technology to the US Army.

Michigan-based ABC said it has been awarded a $689,000 cost plus fixed fee contract to provide 4HN and 2HN batteries to the US Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC).


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Glittering lead prize in Singapore

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 09:49 -- Ruth Williams
Brian Wilson, left, receives lifetime achievement award from David Wilson

Winning lottery cheque? Nobel Peace Prize?  Apple product launch?

No, Brian Wilson (left) receives the International Lead Medal for a lifetime achievement in improving lead battery stewardship from David Wilson at this week's 15ABC in Singapore....

More revelations in next week's BEST Battery Briefing and upcoming Autumn BEST.

The curse of the ABC

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 09:24 -- gerry@bestmag.co.uk
Skyline of Singapore, safe from the curse of ABC

The curse of ABC has failed to arrive: On the anniversary of 9/11

This year: no breaking news disasters; No terrorism (9/11 - Bali 2001)

No dead Royals (Diana - Bangkok 1997)

No Asian financial crash 

And no missiles anywhere. Instead, record numbers of delegates and the encouraging news that we knew already — the lead industry is pretty much in rude health and that 2/3's of the market is here in Asia. And Brian Wilson got the International Lead Medal — but not for eating cabbage fritters. Confused?  Read the BEST Battery Briefing next week to find out more as our new Editor Tim Probert brings a fresh take on the industry.

Hammond expands into micro-hybrid technology, and Malaysia

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 16:25 -- Ruth Williams


Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI), owner of Hammond Expanders and Hammond Oxides, has announced a new family of next generation battery additives and expanders formulated specifically for advanced lead-acid batteries.

“Lead-acid chemistry is facing new challenges from the evolving energy demands of automotive and industrial batteries. Hammond’s goal is to bring value-generating solutions”, said Ed Klavin, President and COO of Hammond Oxides.

One of the first product introductions is a new, proprietary expander formulated to meet the specific demands of idle stop-start and micro-hybrid applications.

The traditional expander blends using carbon black, lignosulfonate and barium sulphate, have not been fully sufficient to meet the demands of dynamic charge acceptance. The new expander blend uses a significantly higher amount of advanced carbons in the mix to achieve desired performance characteristics.

Achim Lulsdorf, Vice President of Product Development at Hammond Group, said: “It could not just be any carbon, we established that a highly structured conductive carbon with certain surface properties works best. It helps to form a conductive matrix in the dense sulphate layers to break it up and allow the current to pass.”

HGI will use the Asian Battery Conference in Singapore to announce the fourth quarter 2013 start-up of a new, tetrabasic lead sulphate (TTBLS) plant in Selangor, Malaysia where Hammond now produces expanders and specialty oxides. Sold under the trade name SureCure, small additions of Hammond’s TTBLS can significantly improve battery capacity and cycle life with improved plate consistency; equal performance at lower cost may be realised as less positive active material is required.

“We are installing TTBLS production in Malaysia to serve growing demand in the Asian market. Hammond will offer our customers new additive solutions to improve battery performance and reduce material cost”, said Sudhir Patel, CEO and President of Hammond Group, Inc.

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