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critical power

Cressall opens impulse test facility

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 10:56 -- Laura Varriale
Cressall manufacturing plant in Leicester, UK

UK power resistor company Cressall has launched an impulse test centre at its headquarters in Leicester, UK.

The test centre is designed to carry out impulse tests of up to 400,000V. The impulse voltage unit is a 10kJ, four-stage generator with up to 100kV per stage.

The test equipment is used in conjunction with a four channel digital oscilloscope with a sample rate of five GS/s and a nine bit vertical resolution, which helps to produce and save required wave shapes.

According to the loadbank specialist, the company is now able to offer complete testing services to other equipment manufacturers. The in-house test centre is aimed to test specified banks in future designs and potentially reducing cost for the end user. Customers can specify the fault voltage that the equipment must withstand and Cressall can test if the components meet and exceed these demands.

The Leicester-based firm is currently testing a standard high voltage mesh bank construction suitable for 50kV at 70kV per bank at the testing centre.

Cressall manufactures equipment for the use in high voltage applications and safety critical systems in the UK and abroad.

AEG introduces DC power supply for industrial applications

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 12:36 -- Laura Varriale
AEG's DC system

Uninterruptible power supply provider AEG Power Solutions (AEG) has launched a modular DC process power supply system for industrial applications with high power demands.

AEG ‘s Thyrobox DC-3 power supply system is designed on the base of the B12-IGBT-chopper technology and has a modular structure. The smallest Thyrobox DC-3 has an output power of 1,500A and can be modularly expanded to 30,000A.

According to Germany’s AEG, load voltages from 20V up to 500V can be achieved with the new product. The system also allows a configuration with redundant modules. The Thyrobox DC-3 operates so that more power modules can be upgraded by parallel connection to an existing DC system.

Due to a high load current and load voltage with a small output as well as an optimised supply network load over the control range, the DC system has a high power factor, claimed the company.

The DC system can be connected to a low or medium voltage grid. Separate power transformer and secondary side wiring with bus bars or cables are optional.

The product was developed at the company's competence centre in Warstein, Germany, where it will also be produced.

Cummins to supply hybrid power systems to Myanmar

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 10:27 -- Laura Varriale
Cummins Power Generation's hybrid power system

Cummins Power Generation is to provide solar hybrid, battery hybrid and diesel generator systems to Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT).

The products will be delivered to over 750 mobile-tower sites that IGT will install during the next year. Two-thirds of the sites will be off the country’s primitive power grid and located in remote locations.

Cummins Power Generation’s hybrid power systems are designed to decrease capital expenditure while lowering the cost of ownership and ensuring uninterrupted operations. According to the critical power provider, the integrated battery storage allows the operators to reduce generator run time and save fuel costs. Myanmar’s poor road infrastructure makes refueling the generators more difficult and expensive.

"While there are no shortages of renewable hybrid solution providers, we chose Cummins Power Generation for their technical expertise as well as their local service capability and coverage," said Charbel Abou-Jaoude, CEO of IGT.

Telecom provider Telenor Myanmar, who won a license along with Ooredoo to roll out a mobile network in Myanmar in 2013, contracted IGT. Cummins Power Generation also has a supply agreement with telecom startup Ooredoo.

Active Power flywheel UPS reduces risk of system failure by one-fifth - study

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 12:12 -- Editor

Active Power's CleanSource 750HD flywheel UPS reduces risk of system failure by 21% versus a double-conversion UPS, according to a reliability assessment.

Commissioned by Active Power, the study by MTechnology examined the reliability of CleanSource 750HD versus a double-conversion UPS with batteries and quantifies the likelihood of failure during three distinct scenarios: a long utility outage lasting more than 10 seconds; a short utility outage lasting less than 10 seconds; and a demand failure.

For this study, a demand failure is a condition where the UPS fails when called upon to support a load during a utility outage.

The report, ‘Mitigating Risk of UPS System Failure: Reliability Assessment of CleanSource HD Integrated Flywheel UPS versus Double-Conversion UPS with Batteries’, also evaluates the reliability of CleanSource 750HD with a secondary energy source which couples a flywheel with battery energy storage versus a legacy UPS.

Key findings from the independent study include CleanSource 750HD reduced the risk of failure by more than 21% during long outages versus the modeled double-conversion UPS with batteries, 6.73% versus 8.58%, respectively.

For short outages, CleanSource 750HD had an 80% lower probability of failure versus a double-conversion UPS with batteries, 0.50% versus 2.05%, respectively.

The likelihood CleanSource 750HD would not support the load when called upon (demand failure) was dramatically lower compared to a double-conversion UPS with batteries, 0.000067% versus 2.05%, respectively.

The addition of the battery option to CleanSource 750HD further improved reliability over legacy UPS. During long outages, CleanSource 750HD with ‘Extended Runtime’ reduced the risk of failure by more than 23% versus a double-conversion UPS with batteries (6.60% versus 8.58%, respectively).

During short outages, the system reduced the risk of failure by 85% (0.36% versus 2.46%, respectively). The improved reliability is due to the presence of two distinct energy sources (flywheel and batteries).

The most likely failure mode of a double-conversion UPS with batteries is due to undetected battery failures. Non-detectable and detectable battery failures account for more than 83% of all double-conversion UPS failures.

"The UPS should improve reliability in an electrical design, not introduce additional risk," said Todd Kiehn, senior director, Product Management, of Active Power. "We believe this study presents clear evidence as to how operators can enhance reliability and mitigate risk of downtime to their mission critical operation with CleanSource 750HD."

Crestchic to unveil rebrand at Powergen Asia

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 11:41 -- Editor

British loadbank manufacturer Crestchic is to showcase its loadbank and testing solutions at the forthcoming Powergen Asia conference in Malaysia.

The Powergen Asia conference is the first major event that Crestchic will be appearing as Crestchic Asia Pacific, after the unification and rebrand of its Northbridge division earlier this year.

Crestchic loadbanks and load testing solutions are primarily sold and rented to customers operating in the oil and gas, marine, data centre and power generation sectors. After increasing its existing loadbank capability in the Far East and Australasia, the company is keen to show off its progress in the region.

Adrian Yapp of Crestchic Asia Pacific, said: “We are extremely excited to introduce our new brand to the Asia Pacific exhibition. It’s been a really great year for Crestchic, which has seen significant investments being made in the business globally, and we’re looking forward to more success in Asia.”

Powergen Asia takes place in Kuala Lumpur on 10–12 September.

Eaton unveils latest warranty and support services

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 11:34 -- Editor

UPS vendor Eaton has launched a suite of warranty and support services it believes can help boost channel partner turnover by 25%.

The services work with small plug-and-play UPS units as well as large three-phase installations. Eaton is offering four warranty options in addition to the standard warranty.

Warranty+ adds a year to the standard 12 or 24-month UPS warranty; Warranty 5 extends standard warranties to five years; and Warranty Advance gives coverage for three years and one site visit in the first two years, plus a routine maintenance visit in the third year.

All must be bought and registered within 30 days of product purchase, but the fourth option, Warranty Extend, can provide an additional year of coverage after expiration.

Eaton is also offering two more new services. Battery Plus is a replacement service for expired or damaged batteries, while Intervention is an on-site support service (excluding breakdown cover, which is part of the warranty structure).

David Oddie, IT channel manager at Eaton, told CRN that additional services are likely to further boost user appeal.

"Even with the best products, problems can occur," Oddie said. "Now our channel partners have the opportunity to provide further peace of mind that will help to ensure these problems are addressed quickly and effectively."

Oddie said resellers should aim to sell these services bundled in with every power management product sold. The vendor has calculated that the inclusion of these warranty and support services can add 25% to total power-management revenues.

"Selling the services is potentially a very significant source of extra income for our partners," he said.

A-Plant places £2m orders for SDMO, Cummins gensets

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 11:29 -- Editor

UK rental firm A-Plant has boosted its fleet of power generation equipment by placing orders worth almost £2m ($3.3m) for gensets manufactured by SDMO and Cummins.

The SDMO order totals 158 diesel gensets, comprising 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA, 45kVA and 60kVA models and the investment is in the region of £1.4m.

Within the order are 36 of SDMO’s brand new Diesel 10000 E Silence gensets, the first from the production line and the first to be delivered into the UK from SDMO’s manufacturing plant in Brest, France.

The Diesel 10000 E Silence is a 10kVA portable genset, supplying portable power for use on construction sites, at events and for sectors such as the rail industry. Powered by a Kohler air-cooled industrial engine, it has a soundproof enclosure which ensures ultra-low noise during operation. It has acoustic pressure level of 81dB(A) at 1m and 69dB(A) at 7m and is also fully bunded.

A-Plant has also placed an order totalling almost £450,000 with Cummins for 27 gensets, the bulk of which are for the new Cummins 100kVA unit, the C100D2R.

This latest addition to A-Plant’s rental fleet is ideal for use at construction sites, events, telecommunications and industrial applications and provides a prime rating of 100kVA at 50Hz with a ultra-low noise rating of 66.7dB(A) at seven metres.

APR signs contract for peaking power plant in Australia

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 12:52 -- Laura Varriale
APR Energy gas turbines

Temporary power provider APR Energy has secured a deal with Australian state-owned utility Horizon Power for a peaking power plant in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

The plant will feature four of APR Energy’s dual-fuel mobile gas turbines, producing 30MW of power each. The plant is set to run as a bridging solution for at least 30 months until Australia’s electricity power generator and marketer TransAlta Energy has built a permanent power plant, scheduled for 2017.

The peaking plant will be designed for the extreme conditions in Western Australia, where temperatures can reach 48°C in the summer. The contract provides an option of the additional installation of two aero-derivative turbines, if capacity requirements grow.

APR Energy has now a generation capacity of 410MW in the Asia Pacific region. "With this contract, we once again see turbines as the most, if not only, viable technology for utility customers needing large-scale, rapidly-deployed solutions that provide greater grid stability, low capital costs and low emissions,” said APR Energy’s managing director of Asia Pacific, Clive Turton.

The contract replaces APR Energy's earlier agreement with Forge Group Power Party Limited, which declared bankruptcy.

Horizon Power serves more than 10,000 businesses and large industrial customers as well as more than 100,000 residents, across a range of 2.3m sq. kilometres in Western Australia.

Residential fuel cell CHP units could “revolutionise” UK energy market – report

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 10:39 -- Laura Varriale
fuel cell powered CHP units

Fuel cell-powered combined heat and power (CHP) units could be profitable for 90% of UK households, according to a report by Ecuity Consulting LLP.

The report, developed on behalf of UK fuel cell developers, highlights that the installation of more than 5.3m fuel cell CHP units by 2030, allowing power consumers to generate heat and electricity themselves, would reduce energy bills by 21%. The fuel cell powered homes would produce 5GW of flexible energy capacity, which is equal to 14 gas fired power stations, according to the report.

“By de-centralising power generation and producing it in your home instead of centralised power stations, our technology empowers the consumer to produce clean, affordable, efficient and controllable energy where it is needed in the home, at twice the efficiency of centralised power stations,” said Mark Bugler technical director, at IE-CHP.

Fuel cells can be run on natural gas as well as zero carbon alternatives such as biomethane and hydrogen. Therefore it reduces CO2 emissions, the report says. The study bases its assumptions on the installation of fuel cell units in other countries, such as Japan and Germany.

The report “Fuel cells the smart power revolution” can be found here: http://www.ecuity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/FUEL-CELLS-THE-SMART-PO...


Schneider Electric invests $13m in Latvian factory

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 11:54 -- Laura Varriale
Schneider Electric

French critical power supplier Schneider Electric is to build a production facility for its Latvian subsidiary Lexel Fabrika for $13m.

Lexel Fabrika manufactures electromechanical and electrical equipment for Schneider Electric’s product. It also serves the Scandinavian and German market with electronic appliances. The new plant is aimed to produce new product lines.

Lexel Fabrika had a turnover of $50m in 2013, placing the company among Latvia’s top-earning businesses. “The success factors that have been driving business growth in previous years included launch of new production lines and taking over additional production lines from other companies of the Schneider Electric group,” said Schneider Electric Latvia spokeswoman Santa Rutka.

Schneider Electric Latvian CEO Kaspars Rokens noted that the launch of the new plant's construction is a significant investment project and asserts confidence in Latvia's economic growth.

The construction of the new plant started in July and should be finished in the first half of 2015. Lexel Fabrika is Schneider Electric’s only producing enterprise in the Baltic States.


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