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generator set

Cummins introduces Tier 4 Final gensets

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 16:04 -- Laura Varriale
Cummins introduces Tier 4 Final gensets

Cummins Power Generation has launched three Tier 4 Final certified mobile generator sets for the rental market.

The C150D2RE, C200D2RE, and C275D2RE units have a power output from 150kW to 275kW. The engines feature a combination of in-cylinder engine improvements, exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalytic reduction exhaust after treatment and diesel oxidation catalyst. 

According to the company, the generators enable switchable 60/50Hz dual frequency operation with multiple voltage configurations of 208V, 240V and 480V in three-phase and 240V in single-phase. 

The certified Cummins Power Generation’s QSB7 and QSL9 engine platforms form the basis for the three mobile sets.

The gensets are equipped with the PowerCommand 3.3 controller with paralleling and advanced load demand capabilities. The controller is able to manage power from paralleled generators to match varying load patterns, which offers additional flexibility and fuel savings for end-users.

“These new products are the result of extensive design research, customer interviews and real-world field testing to make sure we delivered Tier 4 Final certified products,” said Antonio Leitao, vice president of power products at Cummins Power Generation.

Tier 4 Final standards require a reduction to near-zero levels. US EPA adopted Tier 4 emission standards in 2004 for new off-road diesel engines.

Powering Europe’s largest floating dock

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 09:13 -- Tildy Bayar
Powering Europe’s largest floating dock

Five generator sets from Dresser-Rand are to power Europe’s largest caisson-building floating dock, the Kugira II in Setúbal, Portugal.

The genset suite consists of four Guascor SF180TA units rated at 400kW (500kVA) and a smaller 76kW (95kVA) unit.

Each of the floating dock’s towers is equipped with four control centres that operate all of the dock’s processes. The control centres allow the generator sets to operate 365 days per year and feature an electronic injection pump, a wet exhaust manifold, a double-step intercooler and an oil cooler in an auxiliary circuit.

The double cooling system maintains two independent cooling circuits with a high temperature of 80 degrees C for the cylinder heads and a low temperature of 30 degrees C for the oil cooler and aftercooler. The double cooling system comes with or without the option of an oxidation exhaust catalyst.

These features allow for easy operation and maintenance and the ability to supply power in off-grid areas, Dresser-Rand said, as well as providing a heavy-duty, continuous energy source for nonstop maneuvering.

The dock was built by Spanish infrastructure development firm Acciona in 2012.

Caterpillar launches gensets for emerging markets

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 08:59 -- Tildy Bayar
Caterpillar launches gensets for emerging markets

Caterpillar has announced the launch of two 50-Hz diesel generator sets configured to supply backup power in emerging markets.

The Cat 3516C-HD diesel generator set is rated at 2750kVA (2200ekW) for standby and mission-critical applications, while the Cat C32 diesel generator set is newly available in a 1250kVA (1000ekW) power rating. Both generator sets are optimised to minimise fuel costs, reduce lube oil consumption and extend time between overhauls, Caterpillar said.

The Cat 3516C-HD features a four-stroke turbocharged-aftercooled engine platform and a power density of 150kVA/m2. It is aimed at data centres and other applications that require large amounts of power in a standby configuration, with a 25% smaller footprint than comparable engines, according to Caterpillar.

The Cat C32 diesel generator set has a four-stroke engine and features a power density of 139kVA/m2, with an 8.9 m2 footprint and lower combustion temperatures. Its injection timing varies based on factors such as engine load and speed, allowing the engine to maintain optimum performance under a wide range of operating conditions, Caterpillar said. The company is marketing it for healthcare, manufacturing and industrial applications.

Both generator sets are configured with the Cat SR5 generator.

“Emerging economies are growing and becoming increasingly complex, but in many cases the power grid is not maturing quickly enough to consistently support the critical operations that are fueling economic growth,” said John Swanson, marketing division manager for Caterpillar’s electric power division. “These two new power nodes offer reliable sources of backup power in packages specially designed for the rapidly growing needs of emerging markets.” 


Prime power upgrade for Belgian concrete factory

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 09:43 -- Tildy Bayar
Prime power upgrade for Belgian concrete factory

A concrete factory in Londerzeel, Belgium is to get a prime power upgrade with a new generator set from Cummins Power Generation.

For the past 12 years concrete manufacturer Geeroms had been using a C275 genset, also from Cummins, to power its cement mixers. The old genset is now to be replaced with a new C250 D5 genset.

In the face of competitor competition, Cummins said close cooperation with the customer helped it make the sale.

“We had to thoroughly investigate the issues the customer had on site so we could assess any difficulties they had with their other equipment, and could determine our strong points compared to the competition,” said Guy Stevens, sales manager for power generation at Cummins Belgium.

An important issue was the amount of dust at the site. While competitors’ solutions featured intercooler and water cooler back to back, Cummins’ side-by-side solution worked best for Geeroms since, in a very dusty environment, equipment with back-to-back coolers requires too-frequent cleaning. 

Space was also an important deciding factor. Cummins positioned the genset’s fuel tank atop a storage container, adding a frame at the sides to ensure safe access for maintenance purposes.

Geeroms specialises in concrete manufacture for road construction. The Londerzeel factory also features a construction waste recycling plant.

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