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lithium battery safety

Battery Safety Summit - Virtual

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 29 June, 2021 to Wednesday, 30 June, 2021

Implementing lithium-ion battery safety to meet increasing energy demands

Cambridge EnerTech is pleased to announce its summer Battery Safety Summit virtual event, which provides learning and networking opportunities. 

The two-day summit battery safety community is heavily focused on battery diagnostics and modeling.

Leading experts in the field about their most recent work and be able to interact with the battery safety community via panel discussions. 

Coverage will include:

  • State of health (SOH)
  • State of charge (SOC)
  • Charge temperature, current, and voltage
  • Failure analysis
  • Systems-level research, evaluation, and failure analysis
  • Designing a better BMS system
  • Predictive battery simulations and modeling of thermal management practices
  • Internal shorts, thermal runaway and stability, aging, catastrophic failure, etc.
  • Abuse tolerance and advanced testing procedures and protocols
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