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Saft’s Li-ion batteries excel in space mission

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 16:23 -- Paul Crompton
Saft’s Li-ion batteries excels in space mission

Lithium batteries developed by French firm Saft have been instrumental in a moon probe being able to beam information from space four times longer than its original design specification.

A combination of primary and rechargeable lithium batteries developed by the battery design and manufacturing company enabled LuxSpace’s Manfred Moon Memorial Mission (4M) mini-probe to transmit data back to earth.

A battery pack comprising 28 Saft super robust LSH20 HTS 3.6V Primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) size D spiral cells delivered 4.5W of power to the 4M probe - the first privately funded moon mission. 

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ISA gives Saft’s Li-Ion batteries the green light

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 13:25 -- Paul Crompton
ISA gives Saft’s Li-Ion batteries the green light

French firm Saft has received the green light for its new range of lithium-ion Super-Iron Phosphate (SLFP) batteries to be used in the commercial vessel industry.

The company’s Seanergy® modules have adhered to marine standards and specifications for Li-ion batteries during testing by the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) - Bureau Veritas.

This certification demonstrates the design conforms to recognised industry quality standards and/or the certification rules, through a process of independent design review, sample testing and verification of production controls.

Didier Jouffroy, marine products and applications manager at Saft, said: “The Seanergy modules comply with best practice, especially as the standards have been written specifically to include Li-ion batteries in civil marine applications.”

He added: “This certification is effectively mandatory for the use of Li-ion batteries in the marine industry and it is important step in the commercialisation of our Seanergy solution.”

The designer and manufacturer of advanced-technology batteries for the industry developed its Seanergy battery range to be light-weight and compact, have a high efficiency and long calendar and cycling life.

The SLFP cell technology for marine applications also includes increased safety, fast-charging capability, high power output and the ability to deliver high voltages.

The range has specific applications for civil marine propulsion, including ferries, offshore support, cruise-liners, cargo ships and work boats.

Saft is an ‘end to end’ manufacturer of cells, modules and systems. This complete overview enables Saft to take responsibility for the total quality control of every aspect of design, development, testing and delivery of the complete marine battery solution, effectively offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for customers.

Saft emerging as Asia's go to trainset battery supplier

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 15:06 -- Paul Crompton
Nanshang Wuha metro line

Battery supplier Saft’s emergence as a key player in Asia’s trainset market continues at full steam after the French firm signed two deals to provide nickel-cadmium batteries.

The first deal to provide 156 SRM+ rail batteries was awarded by CNR Changchun, China’s state-owned rolling stock manufacturer.

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Saft strikes li-ion ESS deal in South America

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 15:29 -- Laura Varriale
Saft ESS

Energy storage giant Saft has been contracted by Isotron SAU to supply two lithium-ion battery storage systems to a solar PV diesel hybrid plant in Bolivia’s Pando region.

Saft’s energy storage system (ESS) is aimed to enable solar storage at the site and integrate power into the diesel-powered grid. The ESS will combine two containerised lithium-ion battery systems, with a nominal storage capacity of 580kWh and 1.1MW peak power output each.

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Saft chairman John Searle dies

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 16:02 -- Laura Varriale
John Searle

John Searle, the British-born battery executive who helped take French battery maker Saft to the stock market, has died suddenly at 60.

Searle joined Saft in 1990 and helped make the firm a significant international player, work colleagues stated. The company was spun out of the French telecom giant Alcatel in 2004 and  under Searle’s management, the company established operations in 18 countries and became a leader in the deployment of lithium battery technology.

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Saft secures major li-ion battery deal in Hawaii

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 10:06 -- Laura Varriale
Saft ESS

French battery supplier Saft is to supply a lithium-ion battery energy storage system (ESS) to a 12MW PV plant on Kauai Island, Hawaii, US.

Saft was contracted by Kauai Island Utility Co-operative (KIUC) to provide the 6MW ESS consisting of 10 containers in order to stabilise the Kauai island grid. Saft said the deal is worth “multi-million dollars”.

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Saft launches 15-year warranty for Li-ion energy storage modules

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 09:40 -- Laura Varriale
residential solar panels

Battery manufacturer Saft is to offer a long-term warranty extension option for its domestic Li-ion energy storage systems (ESS).

The modules are based on Saft’s Li-ion battery systems that deliver 2kWh of energy and up to 4kW of power. The ESS system with the 15-year warranty is integrated in Bosch’s BPT-S 5 Hybrid energy management and storage solution. The BPT-S 5 system, launched in 2012, integrates apart from Saft’s modules, a solar inverter and an energy management system.

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Alstom and Saft to supply EDF with battery storage system

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 12:06 -- Laura Varriale
Alstom power converter

An Alstom-Saft consortium has won a contract to provide an energy storage system including Li-ion batteries for the EDF Group.

The contract comprises a 1MW/30min energy and conversion system. France's Saft will supply a 20ft lithium-ion battery container and compatriot Alstom a power converter that connects the DC battery to the AC grid and converts the power to be stored or released into the grid.

The system will be installed on French state utility EDF’s energy efficiency research centre in Les Renardières, France and is part of EDF’s research for frequency regulation. The group’s R&D department will investigate the ability of the storage system to regulate the frequency and adjustment potential of the primary reserve.

The primary reserve in France is estimated at 650MW. “This innovative experiment will demonstrate the added value of a battery storage system and the performance of Li-ion technology in this promising sector", said François Bouchon, director of energy storage at Saft. Alstom and Saft are said to deliver in late 2014.

The system is part of the Nouvelle France Industrielle project, a scheme launched by the French government in 2013. "At the cutting edge of smart grid and power transportation infrastructure optimization technologies, Alstom Grid is contributing its technological expertise to the excellence of the French and European energy industry", said Patrick Plas, senior vice president at Alstom Grid. The planned delivery will be the first battery storage system for primary frequency control in France.

Saft to supply superphosphate lithium batteries for US military

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 16:59 -- Laura Varriale
US military Howitzer

French battery manufacturer Saft has been awarded a contract from BAE Systems to provide lithium 'Super-Phosphate' batteries for US military’s M777A2 Howitzer.

Saft will replace previous lead-acid batteries with its Li-ion technology and proprietary 'Super-Phosphate' cells to power the weapon’s fire control unit. The batteries will be integrated with the company’s 28V control and power electronics. The 28V batteries provide a capacity of 80Ah.

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Saft primary lithium batteries to power emergency signals for ‘eCall’ units

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:37 -- Editor

Saft is to supply primary lithium metal oxide batteries to automotive electronics firm Actia for ‘eCall’ safety device.

The batteries will provide emergency power for Actia's ACU-II (Automotive Communications Unit), a device that will be installed in new vehicles for Actia's high-end European car manufacturer customers.

The ACU-II provides services that improve the connectivity of motor vehicles, with the main application being for eCall, the new safety system that will be mandatory for all new European Union vehicles from 2015.

eCall devices detect when a car has experienced a  serious accident. The device then automatically contacts the emergency services with the car's exact location, direction of travel and number of passengers. 

As well as eCall functionality, the ACU-II will also provide drivers with the ability to track their car and control aspects of their vehicle through a smartphone application, for example locking or unlocking doors, or turning on the heater.

The batteries selected will power the ACU-II in emergency situations and have been specially designed to cope with this demanding automotive application.

Ralf Sauer, European Sales and Marketing Manager for Saft's Tadiran, said: "Drivers and passengers will benefit from the ability of Saft's AA sized lithium metal oxide batteries to hold a charge for many years."


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