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Schneider Electric launches smart panels for energy efficiency in India

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 11:04 -- Laura Varriale
Schneider Elcetric smart panel

Schneider Electric’s India branch has introduced low-voltage switchboards for energy efficiency and energy management in buildings in India.

According to Schneider Electric, the smart panels are equipped with metering, control, and communication systems. They are designed to ensure that energy consumption metering at the source is automated and to enable data access locally as well as remotely over cloud.

The panels are featured with the Enerlin’X digital system.

“In recent months, power blackouts have occurred frequently in many parts of India. While the Government devises long-term measures to address the situation, we believe all stakeholders should consider it their individual responsibility to address the situation at the ground level,” said Shrinivas Chebbi vice president at Schneider Electric India.

Beginning with Bangalore, Schneider Electric will launch smart panels in ten other cities across India.

“With buildings accounting for almost 40% of energy use in most countries, there is immense potential for improvement in their energy efficiency. Apart from assisting to meet regulatory compliances, the owners and occupants of buildings will benefit from long-term energy and financial savings through Smart Panels,” added Chebbi.

India has started to focus on “smart cities” in order to accommodate the need to curb energy costs and meet the requirements for green buildings.

Eaton launches low voltage switchgear equipment for easy maintenance

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 11:51 -- Ruth Williams
The Eaton Capitole 40

Eaton has expanded its range of low voltage switchgear and control gear systems with the addition of the Capitole 40 MTP. It is equipped with a mechanical test position (MTP) that allows users to add and change units while the system is running.

All potentially hazardous components are behind protective doors, so the user can change the units such as feeders, bus couplers, motor starters and distribution units safely.

The Capitole 40 series switchgear and controlgear is suitable for up to 6300 A / 690 V.

The equipment was developed in response to demand for equipment requiring minimal maintenance and complete reliability. The switchgear is intended for applications ranging from chemical and process industries, oil and gas exploration, power stations to data centres.

The changeable units are attached to levers that are operated from the front panel to be in either connected, disconnected or test mode. Inserting a unit is only possible when disconnected, making it safe to perform maintenance on a system.

When the compartment’s door is closed, the lever can be moved to test position to test the control loop between the control system and functional unit. 

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