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Test equipment

KraftPowercon licenses lead battery formation and testing business to new firm

Thu, 09/16/2021 - 15:26 -- Paul Crompton

KraftPowercon will no longer deal in VRLA and flooded lead battery formation rectifier and test equipment products under the KraftPowercon umbrella.

The company has instead appointed V-Efficharge Power Systems, which was formed this year to handle the production and sales of its KraftPowercon’s products.

The new company was established by Kshitij Pandya.

Under this company, Pandya will take over the complete business of battery formation rectifiers and test equipment from KraftPowercon under a license agreement.

KraftPowercon will receive a license fee from V-Efficharge for the technology and support for manufacturing and distributing its proprietary rectifiers for the battery industry.

KraftPowercon requests all orders for the equipment to be placed with V-Efficharge Power Systems with immediate effect. 

All orders placed before 1 August with KraftPowercon will be delivered by it, but after-sales support will now be provided by V-Efficharge, both for equipment within and outside of warranty.

All the existing customers of KraftPowercon for the battery formation application will be handled by V-Efficharge.

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Cressall opens impulse test facility

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 10:56 -- Laura Varriale
Cressall manufacturing plant in Leicester, UK

UK power resistor company Cressall has launched an impulse test centre at its headquarters in Leicester, UK.

The test centre is designed to carry out impulse tests of up to 400,000V. The impulse voltage unit is a 10kJ, four-stage generator with up to 100kV per stage.

The test equipment is used in conjunction with a four channel digital oscilloscope with a sample rate of five GS/s and a nine bit vertical resolution, which helps to produce and save required wave shapes.

According to the loadbank specialist, the company is now able to offer complete testing services to other equipment manufacturers. The in-house test centre is aimed to test specified banks in future designs and potentially reducing cost for the end user. Customers can specify the fault voltage that the equipment must withstand and Cressall can test if the components meet and exceed these demands.

The Leicester-based firm is currently testing a standard high voltage mesh bank construction suitable for 50kV at 70kV per bank at the testing centre.

Cressall manufactures equipment for the use in high voltage applications and safety critical systems in the UK and abroad.

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