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US Vanadium

VRFB electrolyte maker to up production with $2 million investment

Wed, 09/22/2021 - 13:57 -- paul Crompton

US Vanadium is set to expand its production capacity for ultra-high-purity electrolyte for grid-level vanadium flow batteries (VRFB) following a $2.1 million investment.

The investment comes after US Vandium secured a purchase agreement for 580,000 liters of electrolyte from Austrian VRFB manufacturer and energy storage provider Enerox, which sells its systems under its brand name CellCube.

US Vanadium plans to produce the electrolyte at its Arizona, US, facility.

Expansion of production capacity at Arizona is to be completed in a development partnership with CellCube.

It will mean the company is able to produce more than 2.25 million litres per year of VRFB electrolyte for CellCube and other customers. 

US Vanadium CEO Mark Smith said: “This expansion allows us to enter the next phase of our growth plan, which focuses on supplying the world’s finest and highest purity VRFB electrolyte to multiple customers around the world.”

US Vanadium produces the V2O5, V2O3, and downstream vanadium chemicals including VRFB electrolyte by recovering contained vanadium from a variety of post-industrial waste streams, which underscores US Vanadium’s commitment to maximizing sustainable practices in its operations. 

The company also produces vanadium pentoxide.

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