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Leclanche ESS first but will future plans be trumped by US president-elect

Fri, 11/11/2016 - 15:25 -- Paul Crompton
lithium G-NMC

Having secured their first US energy storage system deal, Swiss firm Leclanche will be hoping for a bright future— despite America’s president-elect vowing to de-rail the country’s renewable energy market.

The election of fossil-fuel fan Donald Trump may yet prove a thorn in the US renewable market, but for now Leclanche is celebrating a deal to supply a 20MW/10MWh turnkey system.

The system will provide frequency regulation and be based on the company’s lithium G-NMC (graphite – nickel manganese cobalt oxide) technology.

The project in the Chicago area will be Leclanche’s first in the US, following a project in Canada earlier this year.

Leclanché was chosen by Swiss Green Electricity Management Group (SGEM) to serve as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the Marengo project in the PJM Market.

The project was developed by GlidePath Power, a developer of advanced energy solutions.

“Next generation battery storage technology is creating a cleaner and more efficient electrical systems across the US,” said Dan Foley, CEO and founder of GlidePath.

In August 2016, Leclanché signed a preferred partnership agreement with SGEM, an independent owner & operator of energy storage assets.

This partnership agreement for investments into utility-scale energy storage projects begins with the Marengo Energy Storage Plant.

The Marengo project will be interconnected to the Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) electric grid and will provide real-time frequency regulation service to PJM.

Construction should start in spring 2017 and take around six months.